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5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Safety Compliance Consultant

CONGRATULATIONS! You have decided to become members of a safety compliance system! No matter which safety compliance system you chose, ISNetworld® (ISN®), Avetta, PEC Safety, BROWZ, Gold Shovel Standard, or Veriforce, you chose correctly.  Most likely you chose the safety compliance system for one of two reasons: first, you were required to become members and become compliant in order to keep working for your client, or two, you are being proactive and preparing your company to qualify for work for a hiring client.  Regardless of your intent, you are on the right path! And by now you probably figured out this is a big task for a busy individual like yourself.  So, has the thought of hiring for compliance help crossed your mind? If so, you probably asked yourself where do I start and what do I look for in a consultant?  Your time is precious you have a lot to complete and people to keep safe.

Your quick guide to hiring the right consultant for your compliance assistant the first time around is within your reach.

  1. Financially acceptable- be don’t break the bank! Be careful! There is a wide range of pricing for exactly the same compliance service.  DO YOUR RESEARCH.  Get several quotes from safety service compliance companies.
  2. Personal Experience- Find a compliance consultant who knows ISNetworld®, Avetta, PEC, BROWZ, Gold Shovel Standard, or Complyworks.
  3. Quick turnaround- safety compliance services who have streamlined their processes are going to provide you with a quick turnaround. So find one who can work with your needs.
  4. Get a contractual agreement – just as any legitimate business your safety compliance consultant should supply you with contract/Master Service Agreement.

We suggest you stick to short contracts.  A 1-year agreement will allow you to figure out if you are compatible to work together and if they are doing what they told you they would. You cannot afford to lose out on a job opportunity if your hiring client grade drops below an acceptable grade in ISNetworld®, Avetta, PEC Safety, BROWZ, Gold Shovel Standard, or Complyworks.

  1. Communication- many safety service companies overlook this critical element.  But in relation to the sensitivity involved in the ISNetworld®, Avetta, PEC Safety, BROWZ, Gold Shovel Standard, or Complyworks accounts, it is crucial to have your safety compliance consultant communicate with you and act in your best interest.  A good safety compliance consultant will troubleshoot your lower grades on a periodical basis and stay in communication with you to commit to a game plan in increasing your grades.
    1. Harassing or threatening communication should not be your deciding factor. So if you have a company whom you have not committed to service and you are being harassed, that’s a good sign they may not be the right one.

ADVISORY– many compliance companies will not allow you to leave a contract until fulfilled so you do not want to be stuck in a contract with a safety compliance service that is not attentive to your needs.

Ultimately seek out a Safety compliance consultant that is always 24/7/365 acting in your best interest which entails logging into your account a minimum of weekly to simply check on grade changes. A consultant on top of your accounts and 100% available to your calls.  And assists in you growing your business through your ISNetworld®, Avetta, PEC Safety, BROWZ, Gold Shovel Standard, or Complyworks.