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We help make the process easy, simple, and fast to get compliant on Gold Shovel.


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    Gold Shovel Compliance Help

    We help make the process easy, simple, and fast!

    Our process ensures the highest grade possible with your clients on systems like Gold Shovel! We can help you set up your account or take over an existing account. All services are designed for your company.

    • 48-hour account submission
    • State Specific Programs
    • Training Program included
    • Top notch Customer Service
    • Industry Experts Available to You

    Gold Shovel Assistance

    Get Set up with a State Specific Program

    Our streamlined compliance process is quick and requires less hands-on time from you, as we will do the footwork in obtaining your necessary documents and upload them into your Gold Shovel account.  We will also handle the meat and potatoes of your State specific digging program by tailoring the safety and training program for your Company and answer all items within your questionnaire(s).

    Call our friendly staff to get started with your compliance program today! Our customer care associates will develop the package that is right for your Company.  Understanding each contractor is in a different stage in business development is what we do best. We will work with you and guide you in the direction you want to go and help get you approved with Gold Shovel.

    Our Process

    Step by Step on how we get you compliant

    We can initiate your membership with Gold Shovel. If you already have a membership we will gather that information in our startup call with our services. Our pricing and services do not include the membership fees associated with Gold Shovel.

    Once we are setup in your account with our own login separate from yours we will begin working on your client requirements. We will create your company tailored safety programs that are based on the client requirements set in your account. These programs are based on the type of work you do and the clients you are working with. We will also create any other documents needed by your client such as your OSHA logs if you do not have any.

    Your account typically will contain a questionnaire portion. These questions go over safety programs and procedures that are related to your business and industry. Portions include submission of safety statistics for your company. We will go through all these items and make sure they align with your company and best reflect your company. We will get you the highest score possible based on your historical safety performance.

    Once we have gathered all the information and created all the requested documentation we will begin the upload process to your account.  We will do the leg work in getting your insurance certificates and workers comp information so those documents can be uploaded. Any other forms requested will be submitted as well.

    At this point your account is now in full review by Gold Shovel Standard team. We typically say to expect 1-2 weeks for review of the whole account. Other sections may come back from review but other portions such as the safety programs take longer.

    Once the review is complete and everything has been fully graded you will be approved with your client. Major issues that arise are typically due to insurance. This is from not having proper coverage limits or endorsements. If issues arise we will communicate those to you and possible solutions to take to address them.

    Customer service is a main priority to us so we will follow up with you to check on your experience and listen to how we did. We want to make sure any concerns or issues you may have are addressed.

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