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Toolbox Talk – Listening Safety on Jobsites

Every construction site is filled with sounds. These sounds come from tools, machinery, materials, and the environment. The sounds will vary depending on the setting and project, but nearly every contractor can identify the “normal” sounds of a worksite, given enough time and experience. With alert listening skills, your workers can learn to identify the signs of a hazard – whether this be the breakdown of an electrical tool, or an approaching thunderstorm.

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Toolbox Talk – Overhead Dangers and Suspended Loads

There are many reasons for using machines to lift loads within a construction site. This practice both saves time and prevents worker injuries. However, suspending a load in the air presents a whole new set of hazards. If a load is so heavy that it must be lifted by a piece of heavy equipment, then a fallen load can seriously injure or kill any unsuspecting employees on the ground. In today’s Toolbox Talk, we will discuss how to prevent the common hazards caused by suspended loads.

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Toolbox Talk – Ladder Safety

Ladders are a common cause of injuries within worksites. In fact, OSHA statistics state that nearly ⅓ of all falls occur from ladders. These falls can be as painful as a fall from a roof. Many fall-related injuries result from the improper use of a ladder, or the use of a defective ladder. Use this Toolbox Talk with your employees to ensure that they use the correct ladders for different tasks, and to ensure that they follow all safety precautions when using ladders…

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Toolbox Talk – Signaling Techniques

Communication is very important on a construction site. When we work with heavy machinery and vehicles (such as forklifts and cranes), this communication occurs in the form of hand signals. In today’s Toolbox Talk, we will discuss the importance of proper signaling, and how to use your hands to communicate with drivers/operators.

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Toolbox Talk – Motor Vehicle Safety

While moving through safety training programs and Toolbox Talks, it is easy to overlook motor vehicle safety. Contractors work with such an array of specialized equipment and materials, it is understandable for one to take their driving skills for granted. After all, most of the population drives every day – wouldn’t you expect these safety standards to be mutually understood? However, this is far from the truth. In fact, in the oil and gas industry – the most dangerous industry for a contractor….

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Toolbox Talk – Trenching and Excavation Safety

As a contractor, your company likely performs work that involves trenching and excavation. These tasks are extremely dangerous, and without proper precautions they can prove to be deadly. In fact, according to OSHA, two workers are killed every month in trench collapses. Go over this Toolbox Talk with your employees to ensure their safety in all trenching and excavation tasks. Guidelines for Discussion: First, let’s go over some basic definitions. An excavation is a cavity in the earth’s surface, intentionally formed via earth removal. A trench is a specific kind

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