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Safety Compliance Consultants

About Safety Compliance Consultants

How a Safety Compliance Consultant Can Help You

A safety compliance consultant is a company that specializes in precertification through third-party industrial compliance qualification firms such as ISNetworld or Avetta. A good grade from one of these firms is often needed to maintain compliance for a contract. Safety compliance consultants assist in the certification process so that contractors are continuously qualified to work within their industry.

If you are a contractor, a safety compliance consultant can help guide you through the process of certification. Each industrial compliance qualification firm has its own unique criteria for grading contractors, and safety compliance consultants specialize in mediating the relationships and applications between contractors and these firms. Essentially, a consultant focuses on the details and paperwork so you can focus on running your business and gaining new contracts.

Additionally, safety compliance consultants can quickly spot errors and areas needing attention in contractor applications. If you apply and are rejected by a third-party industrial compliance qualification firm, this can cause delays in contracting projects between you and your hiring client. A safety compliance consultant can quickly modify applications for certification, thus minimizing time gaps between applications and actual work.


Our Services as a Safety Compliance Consultant

At First Compliance Safety, we offer the following services:

ISNetworld® Certification

Avetta Certification

Gold Shovel Standard Certification

Veriforce Certification

DIY Safety Compliance Toolkit

New Account Setup

Annual Maintenance Package

New Account Setup & Annual Maintenance

For each compliance service, we promise to submit your application within 48 hours of your request for our services. First Compliance Safety offers excellent customer service, with industry experts at your disposal for each question or concern regarding the certification process.

Maintenance Services

Additionally, First Compliance Safety offers account maintenance services. As your company continues to hold an account with Veriforce, ISNetworld, or any of the other listed firms, you will be required to create new safety programs and documentation based on the needs of new clients and contracts. First Compliance Safety can help ensure that your company stays certified so that you can move forward in your work with ease.

If you are a contracting company beginning the process of industrial compliance certification, we sincerely hope that you consider us for your consulting needs.