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    Avetta Compliance Help

    We help make the process easy, simple, and fast!

    Our Avetta registration process ensures the highest grade possible with your clients! We can help you set up your Avetta account or offer assistance with existing Avetta accounts. All services are designed for your company.

    • 48-hour account submission
    • Tailored safety programs
    • Complete turnkey account solutions
    • Top notch customer service
    • Industry experts available to you

    Sample Safety Programs
    in Our Packages

    We have 200+ safety programs ready for you to apply to the jobs you need. We will customize the safety programs to exactly what you need to get certified with Avetta®


    Avetta Assistance

    Get set up and let us maintain it

    Our streamlined compliance support is designed to save you time. We understand that certain clients require good grades in order for you to bid jobs and maintain compliance for contracts or Master Service Agreements (MSA). So, our maintenance program will allow you to continue to push your business to excellence without spending so much of your precious time in the office. We have the tools and help for you!

    Call our friendly staff to get started with your compliance program today! No two companies are the same. Our customer care associates will develop a package that is right for your company and budget. We will work with you directly offering the guidance you need for Avetta certification.


    Our Process

    Step by Step on how we get you compliant

    We can initiate your membership with Avetta. If you already have a membership we will gather that information in our startup call with our services. Our pricing and services do not include the membership fees associated with Avetta.

    Once we are setup in your account with our own login separate from yours we will begin working on your client requirements. We will create your company tailored safety programs that are based on the client requirements set in your account. These programs are based on the type of work you do and the clients you are working with. We will also create any other documents needed by your client such as your OSHA logs if you do not have any.

    Your account typically will contain a questionnaire portion that can be over 2000+ questions. These questions go over safety programs and procedures that are related to your business and industry. Portions include submission of safety statistics for your company. We will go through all these items and make sure they align with your company and best reflect your company. We will get you the highest score possible based on your historical safety performance.

    Once we have gathered all the information and created all the requested documentation we will begin the upload process to your account.  We will do the leg work in getting your insurance certificates and workers comp information so those documents can be uploaded. Any other forms requested will be submitted as well.

    At this point your account is now in full review by Avetta. We typically say to expect 1-2 weeks for review of the whole account. Other sections may come back from review but other portions such as the safety programs take longer.

    Once the review is complete and everything has been fully graded you will be approved with your client. Major issues that arise are typically due to insurance. This is from not having proper coverage limits or endorsements. If issues arise we will communicate those to you and possible solutions to take to address them.

    Customer service is a main priority to us so we will follow up with you to check on your experience and listen to how we did. We want to make sure any concerns or issues you may have are addressed.

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    Avetta’s FAQs

    When a client chooses to use a verification service, such as Avetta, to manage and approve their contractors and suppliers, they have typically signed a contractual agreement with that service. That means that anyone performing work, or providing services and products must become a certified member of that service.

    Once you have an established membership with Avetta it takes us about 48 hours to get everything submitted. Once this process is done the review times vary between qualifiers.

    The Avetta cost is based on different factors, such as the services provided, the level of onsite exposure, and the number of clients you work within the Avetta platform.

    You will need to collect:

    • 2020 OSAHA log 300.
    • 2020 OSHA log 300A (identifying accidents).
    • 2020 workers’ compensation Experience Modifier Rate (EMR).
    • Questionnaire completed coinciding with your documentation.

    Once you submit your Annual update. The documents submitted will be reviewed by Avetta for accuracy. This process typically takes 2-3 weeks.

    The Avetta Certification annual update will become available at the beginning of 2021 for the year 2020 statical reports and continue until March 1. It will be critical to input the information as soon as this becomes available. If the annual review not reviewed and approved by the end of February. You will be high risk and not approved with your clients.

    Once Avetta completes your annual review you will receive an email notifying you if there are additional actions required or if the review was closed and approved.


    Get the best from the best!

    Account Start-Up

    Our account start-up is perfect for companies just starting with Avetta. We help you through the initial process of getting your account up to speed and graded by your client. Below is what is involved for every account to get compliant.

    Safety Program/Manual Audit

    Here at First Compliance we make sure you have every program that is being requested by your client. Once you have an Avetta account you will need to upload a full safety program that corresponds to the requests from your client. Then they are all verified by the team at Avetta to meet those standards and other regulatory standards. Our job is to make sure your programs are approved and done not just correctly but quickly!


    Once you sign up for an Avetta account, gain access, and your client is connected you will see you have a questionnaire that is about 2000+ questions long! This questionnaire is standard in every single account. It goes over all aspects of your programs, services, and statistics. First Compliance is here to help! From the start, we help guide you through the questionnaire portion and help you produce any needed documentation resulting from this assessment. Even if you never have kept records like OSHA logs we can help make those for you. The team at First Compliance is ready to help you through your account startup.

    Another aspect of your account will be submitting insurance certificates, workers compensation forms, and any other documents your client may require.

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    Account Maintenance

    Maintaining your account is one of the most important things to consider as you can fall out of compliance with your customers and risk losing business with them. This is why we have put together our account maintenance program to assist you in this.


    Once you have set up your account with Avetta and completed all the needed requirements or used us to help you through that initial process there is still more work to do. Every quarter you will have updates that need to be addressed as well as yearly. New requirements and updates in the account can also come from current clients changing aspects of their grading process or maybe you are getting a new customer. That new customer is going to have a new set of requirements that need to be addressed as well. Our account maintenance program covers all aspects of your account and makes sure you are compliant throughout the whole year! Don’t let your compliance slip through the cracks let us help you today!


    • "As a new service provider in the pipeline/ industrial market. Maintaining documentation to satisfy the multiple different programs these companies require can be extremely time-consuming. Fortunately, we found First Compliance Safety. Jennifer (Jenny) was a true professional from the first phone call. She understood what our needs were, addressed them, and put together a proposal in a timely manner. This allowed us to make a decision very quickly with regards to our choice in a service provider. Since our initial involvement, I am pleased to announce that no phone call has gone unanswered, and no service been neglected. We currently maintain stellar marks and grades of A with all of our customers and First Compliance Safety may take responsibility for those marks."
      TNT Surface Prep


    • "Your help with Dykeman Electric becoming compliant with ISNetworld® is made painless with your interaction. You are “On your game”, knowledgeable and easy to exchange communication/instruction /discussion concerning the efforts to execute the compliance with ISNetworld®. I would not hesitate to recommend you to help others who need to become compliant with one of these safety/compliance companies."
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