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Benefits of a Contractor Management System

What is it

Contractor management systems are used by hiring clients to pre-qualify Companies to work on their locations.  Clients use these systems to monitor and audit your safety programs, safety records and make sure you are insured appropriately. Storing these documents in one designated area is not only convenient for your Clients but also streamlines all of their sub-contractor safety standards.  Why do they do this, it’s a simple answer, to reduce their liability in hiring Companies to perform work on their sites.

The benefits are not only on the client-side but also on the sub-contractor side as well. There are many systems utilized by various clients so before you choose to pursue a system know which system your Clients utilize. Some of the common systems you will hear about are ISNetworld®, Avetta, Veriforce, Complyworks, BROWZ, PEC Premier, and Gold Shovel Standard.


Now let’s talk about your benefits as a sub-contractor first and probably the most important attribute to these systems is marketing.  There are several ways to promote your Company with these systems.  You can use the good grades you achieve as an introduction or a method of getting in to talk with a potential Client.  These systems are becoming predominant in most industries now and have become a proven method for getting hired. Within these systems, each has a section in which hiring Clients can search for Contractors and compare your safety as it stands with your clients on these systems with their own safety requirements so if you’re not on these systems you could be losing out on available work.

Let us know if you need any type of assistance with these contractor management systems. our team is specialized in getting you approved with your clients!