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Confined Space Training

The Confined Space program provides training and safety protocols for working in confined spaces. This program focuses on the hazards and risks associated with confined-space work, such as oxygen deficiency, hazardous atmospheres, falls, and struck-by accidents.

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The Confined Space program provides comprehensive training modules on the topics of confined-space entry, atmospheric testing, hazard recognition and control, personal protective equipment (PPE), emergency response protocols, rescue techniques, and more. It also offers specific guidance for supervisors and safety coordinators in managing the risks associated with working in this environment.

In this program, you will feel confident that your personnel are well-trained and safe when they enter these areas. By adhering to the program’s requirements, you can be sure that all safety measures have been taken to ensure a safe working area and prevent any potential accidents or injuries.


*NOTE – The purpose of this program is to define the requirements for employees who perform on your job sites. Its primary objective is to identify and prevent potential injuries or illnesses in the workplace.