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Benefits of ISNetworld® Membership

Whether you’re in Oil & Gas, Energy, Industrial, or Manufacturing fields, your competitive presence in ISN® is necessary. ISNetworld® is being utilized by many companies in these industries today so if you are looking to pre-qualify or even submit a bid for work to be done for a particular client, then chances are you will need to get an account and be certified with your client to work for them.

What is ISNetworld® (ISN®)?

ISNetworld® is a contractor management database that hiring clients/owner clients use to streamline their contractor safety requirements and prequalify contractors to work on their job site. Contractor management systems like ISNetworld® help to hire clients to easily communicate their safety standards and provide contractors with an easy method of communicating their compliance with these requirements. ISNetworld® also stores your company’s safety programs, safety records, training documents & insurance. This helps to simplify the procurement process and easily allows clients to communicate changes in safety requirements or expired documents. ISNetworld® is often a requirement in several industries, such as all energy sectors (Oil & gas, electric, & wind), manufacturing, packaging, and even some supply chains utilize this certification as requirement. Becoming ISNetworld certified lets you pre-qualify for work with current clients and for potential clients in diversified industries.

What is an ISNetworld® Number?

An ISNetworld® number is a number specifically assigned to your company ISNetworld® profile. This number and your profile are searchable to thousands of hiring clients.

What is an ISNetworld® Grade?

Your grade is populated primarily by the quality of your MSQ® answers and documents, your company statistics. ISN® clients operate on a grading system ‘A’–‘F’. An ‘A’ grade keeps you working for your clients and will put you ahead of any contractors who may be below this grade. Good news is it also acts as an industry selling point. Show off your certification and your high grade to potential clients to increase your opportunity to sign an MSA.

How Do You Become ISN® Certified/Compliant?

First Compliance Safety specializes in helping you with joining ISNetworld®. We have several affordable packages (for all-size companies) to assist you with your ISNetworld membership. We take all considerations into account, including your number of employees and initial set-up fees. It’s important to stay on top of your ISNetworld membership to prevent it from expiring. Expired accounts are charged a reinstatement fee by ISNetworld if payment is not postmarked or received by the renewal date.

These are the 5 main steps that can help you navigate the certification process:

  1. Connect a client to your ISNetworld® account
  2. Answer the 800-2000 MSQ® questionnaire
  3. Upload your documents: The primary documents you will need are; 3 years of OSHA 300 & 300A logs, EMR Letter, RAVS® 7-30 (safety programs), and a Certificate of Insurance. And any documents specific to your client.
  4. Submit  documents for review
  5. Monitor your account and address any rejected documents

Benefits of ISNetworld® Certification

There are numerous benefits to an ISNetworld® certification including increased visibility & communication, improved safety standards & culture, better regulatory compliance, and diverse marketing options.

Increased Visibility & Communication

  • Your company is searchable to thousands of hiring clients, improving your visibility in the industry. This system also allows for easy and convenient communication for new requirements and expiring documents.

Improved Safety Standards & Safety Culture

  • Creating new safety standards and improving upon the old ones will naturally help encourage your teams to make safety a priority. With more safety structure and support, they will help to maintain a safer work environment.

Better Regulatory Compliance

  • Staying compliant in ISNetworld® will also help ensure you are up to date and compliant with all new industry regulations.

Diverse Marketing Options

  • One often-overlooked facet within ISN® is the marketing ability.  Businesses can have successful growth through contractor management systems or pre-qualification systems.
  • Hiring clients have access to a search engine that allows them to see you and your services as well, such as a search engine within ISN® including a locational map. The “promote my company” portion of ISN® is a great place to input a quick excerpt of your services, your logo, and your website for further selling aspects.
  • ISNetworld® hard hat stickers are available to you within your ISN® account. This seems like a simple means of advertising but honestly, you never know who may be watching.

At First Compliance Safety, we understand that not every company has the time or manpower to spend on ISNetworld® compliance. Which is why First Compliance Safety developed a valuable customized service that is quick and affordable to support all sizes of companies. First Compliance Safety is committed to helping small and large companies thrive in business with contractor support through contractor management systems and we are continually building a network of professionals to support them on all levels of safety and business. Let us be part of your team, big or small compliance is affordable for ALL! Learn more about ISNetworld® account management, call us at (844) 514-8355.

*This article was updated with new information on May 4, 2023