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Benefits of an ISNetworld® Membership

Are you using your ISNetworld® membership to its potential? Whether you’re in Oil and Gas, Energy, Industrial or, Manufacturing fields your competitive presence in ISN® is necessary.  One often-overlooked facet within ISN® is the marketing ability.This blog post is focused on growing your business through contractor management systems or pre-qualification systems. We want to clearly outline how to use this truly easy methodology of marketing. Here are benefits to an ISNetworld® or other safety certification.

  1. ISN® clients operate on a grading system ‘A’ –‘F’. An ‘A’ grade keeps you working for your clients and will put you ahead of any contractors who may be below this grade. Good news is it also acts as an industry selling point.  So, flaunt your grade to potential clients. Most clients nowadays are using some form of a compliance system, such as ISNetworld®, Avetta, PEC Safety, Veriforce, BROWZ, or Gold Shovel Standard. So simply by presenting you have an account and you can tell them you have good grades can get you in the door and potentially sign an MSA. The hiring clients have a back end to their system which will allow them to see the RAVS®, T-RAVS®, & MSQ®, Insurance and OSHA log documents which are easily compared to their requirements so in all they can do a gap report on you to see where you would be lacking in comparison to their requirements. Hiring a company such as First Compliance safety ensures you have all of your safety requirements available upon connection with a hiring client.
  2. There are many other facets within the hiring client’s side that allow them to see you and your services as well, such as a search engine within ISN® including a locational map. Which is why it is important to input a quick excerpt of your services within the promote my company portion of ISN® include a logo and website for further selling aspects
  3. Social media advertising is not only cheap but influential so if you are promoting your company through social media or your own website it is advised to review the ISN® trademark/logo policies prior to jumping in…
  4. Finally, ISNetworld® hard hat stickers are available to you within your ISN® account. This seems like a simple means of advertising but honestly, you never know who may be watching.
  5. Make sure to take advantage of all the coupons offered by Avetta. These discounts on their safety programs are available to someone doing the certification process themselves. If you would like us to manage your safety programs, they are included in our pricing.

First Compliance Safety is committed to helping small and large companies thrive in business with contractor support through contractor management systems and we are continually building a network of professionals to support them on all levels of safety and business.