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Niche Marketing; ISNetworld® Certification

How you sell and who you sell requires time, patience, organization, and money. So we apply the 2-step Keep It Simple (KIS) Method to selling in this blog! Your ISN® membership is your NICHE What to do now?

First, know the basics ISN® is a prequalification system that has one of the largest collections of hiring clients. It acts as an online safety auditing system for these clients to determine if you are a safety risk working on their facilities or job sites.  This is determined through a grading system A-F grading on several safety components.  Once you get ISN® certified you enter into an elite group for marketing.

We are always available for a quick phone conversation outlining techniques that will work for you, toll-free: 844-514-8355.

What are they grading on? You guessed it SAFETY.  Primarily, your safety record (EMR Letter, & OSHA logs), safety programs, & insurance.

In a nutshell; it is necessary for you to have the following documents: all safety programs for your industry.  Don’t get over-excited here because these programs in which ISNetworld® would like to see are called RAVS® these are awareness programs and can be easily put together on your own or purchased for much less than an OSHA program. 3 years OSHA logs – a free template is available online through Finally, an EMR Letter and Certificate of Insurance may need to be uploaded into the system.

Want to go hassle-free?  Purchasing RAVS® from a company who is constantly developing these ISN® program requirements because these programs are often guaranteed for approval. These programs are developed to be specific to your company and will be yours to keep.

Second, implement Direct and Indirect Marketing- No matter which approach works best for you developing both marketing strategies to the fullest will get you noticed.  Why not, it’s free!

Indirect Marketing: be visible & develop your ISNetworld® company profile.

Within your ISN® membership you will find a section called ‘promote my company’ here you can

  1. Upload your company logo
  2. Summarize your services
  3. Insert your company website
  4. Add all of your company office locations
  5. Purchase ISN® Hardhat stickers (ordered through your membership)

Fully developing your company ISN® profile will get you noticed.  Hiring clients can search for contractors in a specific area and request a connection. There are two reasons why you need to get your profile developed:

  1. Prequalified- a large chunk of hiring clients use ISN® certifications to prequalify you to bid on upcoming jobs.
  2. Timing – Hiring Clients often seek contractors in a specific are because they have a current contract who became a liability for them for instance- if for one reason or another a current contractor of theirs drops from an ‘A’ grade to an ‘F’ grade hiring clients often seek new contractors so timing is important.

Direct marketing material (found in your ISNetworld® membership) and useful approaches.


  1. Include your ISN® certificate in your marketing material
  2. Include the ISN® membership letter in your marketing material
  3. Apply the ISN® trademark to your website (trademark policies apply and accessed through your membership)

Approach: (get certified)

  1. Upload all of your ‘general industry’ documents (OSHA logs, RAVS®, EMR)
  2. Use your A-B grades as an opener to the ISNetworld® hiring clients.
  3. Person to person- know a friend who works for a hiring client see what they can do to get you in to talk with the person In charge of qualifying contractors.
  4. Need more? We keeping up with our client’s techniques so there may be an additional step added now and then.

Caution: if your ISNetworld® account is lacking documents it will be necessary to get the documents in place before any hiring client takes a look at your account.  Simply because they will run a comparison report on your profile looking at qualifying factors that compare you to their requirements. You may rate lower than you want to.

Now if you feel uncomfortable with how your grades look then there could be a simple fix.  Call on us for advice or help at any time. Toll-free: 844-514-8355.