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ISNetworld® Certification as a Marketing Tool

Marketing is an essential part of any business that helps to ensure its daily success and long term growth. Regardless of what industry you are in and what goods or services you sell, you have endless marketing options. The way you choose to promote your business and who you promote your business to requires time, patience, organization, and money. Anytime you can utilize systems or processes already in place to help promote your business, you free up your time and your budget. 

Your ISNetworld®membership gives you access to NICHE marketing through their platform. 

What is ISNetworld®?

ISNetworld® is a prequalification system that has one of the largest collections of hiring clients. It acts as an online safety auditing system for these clients to determine if you are a safety risk working on their facilities or job sites. This is determined through an A-F grading scale on several safety components (EMR Letter, & OSHA logs, safety programs, & insurance) . Once you get ISN® certified you become part of an elite group for industrial marketing.

Implementing Direct & Indirect Marketing with ISNetworld® Certification

No matter which approach typically works best for your company, developing both (indirect & direct) marketing strategies to the fullest will foster greater success.   You are already paying for your ISNetworld® account, there’s no downside to making the most out of every marketing tool they provide you with your membership.

Indirect Marketing

Developing your ISNetworld® company profile will help your company be more visible to potential Hiring Clients. 

Within your ISN® membership, you will find a section called ‘promote my company’. This section acts as an introductory or profile page, providing a quick snapshot of some of the most important aspects of your company. It is important to keep the “promote my company” page up to date with the following items:

  • Company Logo
  • Summary of Services
  • Company Website URL
  • Company Office Locations 

Fully developing your company ISN® profile will get you noticed.  Hiring clients can search for contractors in a specific area and request a connection. There are two main reasons for developing your profile:

  • Prequalification: A large chunk of hiring clients use ISN® certifications to prequalify you to bid on upcoming jobs.
  • Timing: Hiring Clients often seek contractors in a specific area because they have a current contract that became a liability for them. For instance- if for one reason or another, a current contractor of theirs drops from an ‘A’ grade to an ‘F’ grade hiring clients often seek new contractors, making timing very important.

Another simple indirect marketing opportunity available to you as an ISNetworld® member, are ISN® hardhat stickers. You can order these stickers through your membership and apply them to PPE that will be visible on job sites Hiring Clients and those passing by.

Direct Marketing 

Your ISNetworld® membership comes with a few documents, certificates, and clout that can have a useful direct marketing approach. 

Materials Included with ISNetworld® Membership:

  • ISN® Certificate: Include in all of  your marketing material
  • ISN® Membership Letter: Include  in all of your marketing material
  • ISN® Trademark: Apply this to your website (trademark policies apply and accessed through your membership)

Utilizing ISNetworld® Certification Clout:

General Industry Documents: Upload all of your ‘general industry’ documents (OSHA logs, RAVS®, EMR) to your account. A good track record shows a potential Hiring Client that you are the right choice for them. 

Caution: If your ISNetworld® account is lacking documents it will be necessary to get the documents in place before any hiring client takes a look at your account. Potential Hiring Clients will run a comparison report on your profile looking at qualifying factors that compare you to their requirements. You may rate lower than you want to if you are missing vital documents.

A-B Grades: Use your A-B grades as an opener to the ISNetworld® hiring clients. Emphasize the importance of these grades and all the details that go into receiving these high marks. 

First Compliance Safety has your ISNetworld® account covered. We work diligently to keep your account and certifications up to date so that you can focus on growing your business. Let our experienced team help you utilize your ISNetworld® account by outlining marketing techniques for your NICHE market. Contact us online or toll-free: 844-514-8355 to get started!

*This article was updated with new information on May 4, 2023