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ISNetworld® RAVS® Safety Programs – Things to Know

If a client has asked you to become certified by ISNetworld® before beginning a contracting project, you will be required to submit RAVS® programs. Read the article below to learn about RAVS® and how they affect your final grade.

What Are RAVS® Safety Programs?

RAVS® stands for “Review and Verification Services”. When you are applying for certification through ISNetworld®, this is the section where you upload your safety programs. ISNetworld® uses the information in this section to verify everything from safety procedure development to the effectiveness of your company safety programs. Overall, your RAVS® programs will account for 30% – 40% of your ISNetworld® grade. By receiving a good grade on your RAVS®, you prove to clients that your company is abiding by contemporary industry safety standards.

ISNetworld® RAVS® Sections

Most company ISNetworld® accounts have approximately 10 – 40 RAVS® sections that need to be custom written and submitted for review. Each individual section outlines a specific safety program. For instance, if your company primarily remodels old buildings, you will likely need an Asbestos Awareness Program, a Fall Protection Program, and an Emergency Action Plan Program, among others. You may also be asked by your Owner Client to create TRAVS®, which stands for Training Review and Verification Services. If your Owner Client has requested TRAVS®, you must document your employee training process for the specified sections.

What Are RAVS Safety Progra

Get Help with Setting up RAVS® Safety Programs


If this is your first time signing up for ISNetworld® certification, deciding which safety programs to the document can seem like a rather daunting task. However, you will actually determine how to set up your RAVS® safety programs based on the needs of your Owner Client. There is also a general standard format for successful RAVS® programs. The best RAVS® safety programs are under 10 pages, and they each contain evidence to answer your Owner Client questionnaire, customized headers & footers with your full company name, and page numbers. If your client has requested TRAVS®, the affected sections will also include program-specific training sheets. If you choose to work with First Compliance Safety, we customize all of your RAVS® sections to the specific needs of your business. Once we have written these programs, we upload them to your ISNetworld® account and answer each of the questions on that program requested by your client.

What To Do if You Have Rejected Safety Programs

So you finish all your paperwork, wait two weeks for the ISNetworld® review process, and find that one of your RAVS® sections has been rejected. What do you do? First, look at your grading components and review the gap report provided by ISNetworld®. This will show you exactly which areas in your safety program are affecting your grade. Learn how to improve your ISN® grade here. Next, work with your Owner Client to clarify their needs and resolve these issues. Once you have adjusted your RAVS®, you can reapply for certification. This process, again, takes two weeks, so a rejected safety program can be a real impediment to time-sensitive contracting work.  First Compliance Safety guarantees 100% Owner Client approval and ISNetworld® scoring with our customized safety programs. If you decide to put your certification into our hands, you will never have to worry about a rejected safety program again.