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How to Improve your ISNetworld® Grade

ISNetworld® is an industrial compliance company that issues ratings to contractor companies based on their histories of workplace injury and how well they adhere to national safety standards. ISNetworld® is not a physical entity – rather, you submit documentation about your company history and current safety plans online, and then ISNetworld® issues you a letter grade. If your company receives a B or an A, then your company is officially ISNetworld® compliant. Any grade less than a B, and you will need to learn how to improve your ISNetworld® grade. Here is what you’ll need to do.

Where Can I See My ISNetworld® Grade?

After you apply for ISNetworld® certification and submit all required documentation, you will wait up to two weeks to receive your official rating. You will be notified by ISNetworld® after your grade has been issued, and you can view your grade in your ISNetworld® account. Once your grade is official, your clients will also have access to this rating via your company profile in the ISNetworld® database.

When you receive your ISNetworld® grade, you will also be able to see the specific breakdown of your score. Your ISNetworld® grade is primarily determined by five things: 

  1. Your answers to the 800-2000 questions in the MSQ® (Management Safety Questionnaire)
  2. Company safety programs (RAVS®)
  3. Your safety record, as reflected in your official Experience Modification Rating (EMR)
  4. Official OSHA logs reporting workplace injuries for the past three years
  5. Insurance Certificate

By carefully evaluating your official report from ISNetworld®, you can determine exactly where your company needs to improve.


Strategies for Improving Your ISNetworld® Grade


There are many strategies you can employ to improve your ISNetworld® grade. It all depends upon which areas cost your grade the most points. For instance, if your company did not pass the ISNetworld® insurance certificate inspection, then this means that your company insurance does not sufficiently cover all of the risks involved in your line of work. It is impossible to become ISNetworld® certified without sufficient insurance coverage, so a failing score in this department must be corrected immediately. 

Additionally, your OSHA recorded incidents and EMR rating are two closely related departments that affect your ISNetworld® score. As EMRs are calculated based upon three years of history, and you must submit three years of OSHA reports to ISNetworld®, it is difficult to immediately improve this section of your ISNetworld® grade. It takes both time and discipline to implement effective safety protocols to ensure a safe workplace for your employees. The best strategy towards improving your EMR rating and OSHA records is diligent record-keeping. If you are on top of exactly where and how your employees are injured during work, you can create preventative safety measures. One unfortunate incident does not need to become a pattern. 

If your ISNetworld® grade is low due to rejected safety programs or incorrect answers to the MSQ®, these are areas in which speedy improvement is possible. ISNetworld® provides a gap report explaining the discrepancies between client or nationally-mandated requirements and your outlined safety practices. If your company is not following contemporary safety standards, you can rewrite your programs according to specific external regulations. If your current safety programs do not satisfy your client’s standards, you can communicate with your hiring client to create safety programs tailored to their specifications. After you rewrite your programs and re-submit to ISNetworld®, it will take another two weeks to receive your new grade. This can slow any time-sensitive projects requested by your client. However, this a comparatively faster route to improvement than your company EMRs or OSHA records.