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First Compliance Safety and Industrial Compliance & Safety are Merging Together

First Compliance Safety and Industrial Compliance & Safety are Merging Together…

(CHARLOTTE, North Carolina) Industrial Compliance & Safety Net LLC (ICS), a leading provider of safety and compliance services is excited to announce that our two companies, First Compliance Safety and Industrial Compliance & Safety will be merging together under Industrial Compliance & Safety. Currently, our industrial safety compliance services live on two separate sites, both offering customized safety solutions for our diverse client base within the Oil and Gas Pipelines, Chemicals, Construction, Energy and Utilities, Manufacturing, Mining, Telecommunications, and Transportation/Trucking industries.

This strategic decision aims to meet the growing needs of our expanding client base by becoming an all-inclusive safety and compliance services provider. As ICS continues to forge deeper relationships with our clients, our team continually strives to streamline and improve upon servicing our clients.

This merger not only guarantees a seamless transition for our current clients, but it also brings forth a host of noteworthy benefits. Moving forward, both existing and future clients will have access to additional services, including onsite safety services, comprehensive safety training, audits, and DOT assistance. These expanded offerings aim to fulfill your evolving safety and compliance needs. We appreciate you allowing ICS to take part in safeguarding your organization.

Industrial Compliance & Safety has focused on offering safety compliance services to larger companies, while First Compliance Safety has focused on providing DIY compliance and safety training programs for smaller businesses. 

Together, under one company, Industrial Compliance & Safety, we will provide current clients and future clients with these main services:

  • Contractor/Supplier Prequalification Account Setup
  • Contractor/Supplier Annual Account Maintenance
  • Custom Safety Programs for ISNetworld®, Avetta® & others
  • Toolbox Talks
  • DIY Kits for Contractor/Supplier Pre-Qualifications

For our existing FCS clients, we want to reassure you that your satisfaction remains our top priority. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be reaching out to all clients currently enrolled in our Annual Maintenance Plan. We’ll be providing updated contact information and answering any specific clients.  All Annual Maintenance Plans will continue to offer the same features and, rest assured, there have been no staff changes and our amazing Safety Consultants remain on standby.  All of our new clients will be onboarded with Industrial Compliance & Safety and will not need to take any further action.

We look forward to building a more robust safety compliance offering for every industrial contractor business throughout their company’s growth.

About Industrial Compliance & Safety: (ICS) is a leading provider of safety and compliance services, dedicated to helping organizations around the globe achieve and maintain the highest safety standards. With a team of experienced safety consultants and a commitment to exceptional service, ICS provides tailored solutions to businesses across various industries.

About First Compliance Safety: (FCS) has been a trusted name in the safety and compliance industry, offering a wide range of training resources and services designed to ensure regulatory compliance and workplace safety. FCS has built a strong reputation for excellence, delivering comprehensive solutions to organizations in need of top-notch safety services.