ClickCease Pre-Qualification - Learn How To Get Pre-Qualified With Your Clients

What is Pre-Qualification?


Contractor Management Systems

Pre-qualification is the act of being pre-qualified to do work for a client by means of verifying safety programs, insurance, and any other criteria needed. A lot of larger companies are using systems like ISNetworld®, Avetta, Gold Shovel Standard, and many others to pre-qualify their contractors before working. For them, this is a cost savings, but may not necessarily mean the same for you. You may find yourself having worked for a customer for many years and they are now requiring you to join a system to be qualified and continue working with them. We understand how that can become frustrating. A lot of our customers found themselves in this same situation and we were there to help them through it.


What is Involved

How To Go Through Pre-Qualification

Typically you will receive a letter from your client telling you to continue business you will need to sign up and become qualified through whichever contractor management system they utilize. These can include but not limited to ISNetworld®, Avetta, PEC Premier, and many others. Every contractor typically has to provide the same information no matter which system you have to use. Every contractor needs to provide:

  • full safety program/HSE Manual
  • Complete a technical questionnaire(s)
  • submit insurance records
  • submit workers compensation records
  • submit data for OSHA/OH&S recordkeeping
  • list out services provided

These are the most common requirements within all of these types of accounts for pre-qualification. There are clients that may require more of you or maybe not as much, but this hopefully gives a good sense as to what to expect when going through these processes.

How We Help

We are experts in pre-qualification!

Here at First Compliance we have many years experience dealing with these types of systems. Some of us used to be in the same shoes as you needing to sign your company up for systems like these. That is what makes us so qualified to help you! We offer services tailored to meet the needs of any pre-qualification account you may need to be approved on.

Working with you we set up every portion of your account needed to get into compliance and we will do all the leg work in tracking down needed documents. We consider ourselves experts and we are here to help you. To learn more on how we can help assist with your accounts you can click here or request a quote below.

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