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Veriforce® Cost

Veriforce® is a company that offers compliance solutions to facilitate the relationship between hiring clients and their contractors, vendors, or suppliers. The cost of an annual Veriforce certification subscription can vary greatly, as Veriforce® charges based on the specific services requested by your hiring client. The main Veriforce® software is called VeriSource™, and it contains different functions that track Operator Qualifications, Drug and Alcohol Compliance, Safety, and COI (Certificate of Insurance). 

There are many benefits to a subscription with Veriforce®. If you subscribe, your company profile immediately shows clients your safety records and overall company history. Hiring organizations with Veriforce® subscriptions can compare profiles of competitive contractor companies, and then negotiate with the best contractor to suit their needs. By monitoring your compliance records and subscribing to Veriforce®, your company will gain access to new clients and contracts…meaning more money for you in the long run.

The chart below shows some of the Veriforce costs. To determine your annual subscription price, you need to speak with your hiring client to find out which services they require.

Service  Cost
Sign up $250 one time fee
Safety field audit $1,500 per year
Safety desktop audit $350 per year
Evaluator authorization and training $800 per employee per year
Operator qualification $75 per employee per six months

How First Compliance Safety Can Help You Sign Up With Veriforce®

At First Compliance Safety, we pride ourselves in helping contractors like you through the pre-qualification process. If you hire our expert team of safety compliance consultants, we will create your Veriforce® account and submit your application within 48 hours of your initial consultation. First, we will create your online Veriforce® account if you have not already done so. Then, we will answer all questionnaires to best reflect your company history. Next, we will write and submit all required safety programs. Lastly, we will find and upload all insurance, OSHA, and EMR documentation before submitting the application. Our safety compliance team has years of experience handling Veriforce® certification, so we know exactly what the auditors are looking for when reviewing your company. You have enough on your plate running your