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Troubleshoot your ISNetworld® Client Grades with Confidence

How does an ISNetworld® Hiring Client grade you? Your grade is based on fulfillment in 5 primary areas;

  1. How you answer the 800-2000 questions,
  2. Safety programs (RAVS®),
  3. Your safety record- Experience Modifier Rate (EMR)
  4. 3 years OSHA logs
  5. Insurance

All of the above components are used as a tool to determine your company’s level of safety that your company fulfills the requirements set forth for all of their sub-contractors. Essentially this system has been implemented by your hiring client to streamline the safety requirements for all their sub-contractors and ultimately reduce their liability in hiring contractors for work on their locations.

Why? These ISN® hiring clients are considered in an industry of high risk so when your company works on their job sites they use this grading method to greatly limit their liability. The secondary ISNetworld® grading is viewed once a grade is determined and is in our opinion the nitty-gritty of the grade. We highly recommend you look at these components over in detail by clicking each client grade.

If all your secondary grading components are the best out of whatever the best may be, it will look something like this: safety programs 10/10. Then target the areas that have a lower score e.g. 0/10.

NEED TO KNOW: the following are areas that will calculate a ‘0’ and are only fixed through your ISNetworld® hiring client’s help.

Fatalities – if you do not have man-hours for your Company or have very few man-hours in comparison to your industry average for all 3 years then you will receive a 0 out of possibly 20. Hence, a huge chunk of your ISN® grade is out of your control and reflects badly on your ISN® Client grading and qualifying for work. See below

TIR, LWIR & Severity Rate – is your DART (Days Away/Restricted or Transfer Rate) – which is a mathematical calculation that describes the number of recordable injuries and illnesses per 100 full-time employees that resulted in days away from work, restricted work activity and/or job transfer. A calculation weighing greatly on your work experience and your industries accident rate. Again, you can see as a new Company you have no independent leverage in this area and will need to explain this to your ISNetworld® Hiring client.

NOTE: Some ISNetworld® Hiring clients can if asked, toggle this to reflect your actual calculated grade and or offer a temporary variance until you get a few safe working years under your belt.

The last item of great concern is your insurance. Be sure you can get all the required insurance set forth by your ISNetworld® hiring clients or it will be a for sure failing in ISN’s® certification process.

Count on First Compliance Safety to keep your ISNetworld® grades top-notch!