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ISNetworld® in Canada

What is ISNetworld®?

ISNetworld® is a third-party online industrial compliance certification company. Through ISNetworld®, organizations can vet contractors in order to determine who does or doesn’t abide by stringent safety standards. Often, contractors learn about ISNetworld® when they are prompted by a hiring client to become certified before beginning a project. Though ISNetworld® is a global company, it is perhaps the most active in the United States and Canada. If you are a Canadian company and have been asked to register by one of your clients, then keep reading below to find out how to pass certification.

Any Differences Between Canadian and American Certification?

To become certified through ISNetworld® in Canada, you will be required to submit the following documentation:

  • EHS Questionnaire — ISNetworld® contains the Management System Questionnaire (MSQ). Your answers to this questionnaire will communicate your company’s Environmental Health and Safety data.
  • EHS Programs — Sometimes called RAVS, this is the portion of your application where ISNetworld® reviews your written health and safety programs for compliance with regulatory and/or company-specific standards.
  • EHS Training — Sometimes called T-RAVS, this is the portion of your application where ISNetworld® reviews your proof of employee training records.
  • Certificate of Insurance — Here, ISNetworld® will review your certificate of insurance specific to client requirements.

This list can contain more requirements depending on the wishes of your client.

Help-with-Setting-up-RAVS-1 The biggest differences between ISNetworld® certification in America and Canada are the safety programs. In Canada, the method of writing company safety programs is far more detailed and formulaic. Additionally, there are different insurance coverage requirements for Canada, as opposed to the USA. You can speak to one of our consultants at First Compliance Safety to learn more about these differences, depending upon the industry and specific task your company wishes to perform.

Canada also carries a different awareness of safety than that which exists in the United States. While the USA is regulated by the nation-wide standards of OSHA (with the exception of some OSHA-approved state plans), Canada’s CCOHS (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety) carries fourteen different sets of rules depending upon the region (one federal, ten provincial, and three territorial). Your location within Canada dictates your company’s industrial compliance standards.

Lastly, if you are a contractor in Canada, the price of an ISNetworld® subscription is slightly cheaper than in the United States. Look at the price below to determine the ISNetworld® subscription cost for your company size. Please note that the employee count is based on a three-year average.

Amount of Employees Annual Cost (in CAD)
1-4 $820 + $110 one-time setup fee = $930
5-9 $1,030 + $110 one-time setup fee = $1,140
10-19 $1,650 + $220 one-time setup fee = $1,870
20-24 $2,100 + $330 one-time setup fee = $2,430
25-49 $3,000 + $440 one-time setup fee = $3,440
50-99 $3,500 + $550 one-time setup fee = $4,050
100-249 $4,900 + $550 one-time setup fee = $5,450
250-499 $7,300 + $660 one-time setup fee = $7,960
500-999 $11,000 + $880 one-time setup fee = $11,880
1,000-2,499 $16,300 + $990 one-time setup fee = $17,290
2,500+ $19,700 + $1,100 one-time setup fee = $20,800

Our team at First Compliance Safety is well-versed in the Canadian certification process of ISNetworld®, as well as the regional compliance standards set forth by CCOHS. With First Compliance Safety, your company is guaranteed the highest possible score with respect to your workplace history.

What are the Benefits of ISNetworld® Certification?


There are many benefits to certification through ISNetworld®. First, you will be able to work with the client that requires certification through ISNetworld®. Second, the approval of ISNetworld® communicates to other hiring clients that you take safety seriously, and you will be better equipped to work with other companies that require this verification service. Lastly, repeated subscription to ISNetworld® allows you to review and receive feedback on your safety programs – through the online auditing system, you can guarantee that your company is abiding by up-to-date safety programs and training procedures.