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Setting up Your ISNetworld® Account

CONGRATULATIONS! You decided to go through ISNetworld® to register your company for approval with your client(s).  Your next step is the compliance process.  This is the fun part, so grab a cup of coffee and we will assist you all the way through the process.

First, you need to gain a hiring client connection – do this by providing your existing or prospective clients your ISNetworld® number (400-######) this is located at the top of your ISNetworld® page.

How to Create an ISNetworld® Account

Account Process

Once the hiring client is connected or the document storage is unlocked there will be four areas you will need to address.

  • Company Information
  • Document Storage – EMR, Insurance
  • Questionnaire – 800-2000 questions addressing your company safety programs, and record.
  • Review and Verification / RAVS® safety programs

To prepare for the compliance task put together the following documents;

  • 3 years of OSHA 300 & 300A logs – separate and save to PDF
  • Company Health Safety & Environmental Safety programs- separate your programs and save to PDF
  • Current EMR letter and certificate of insurance/’s

Get started – your path is already laid out for you follow the orange exclamation points in each section. Begin by entering the company information into your account.


What to Do After You Create Your Account



  1. OSHA 300 &300A into the appropriate year.
  2. Safety programs
  3. Insurance

Answering the Questionnaire – there are typically two questionnaire’s but you can have more depending on the clients that are connected to your account. Answer the questions accordingly to the best of your ability.

The U.S. Questionnaire will address your Company Health Safety & Environmental Safety programs and industry relevant work.  Additionally, you will submit all your company work history and incident data if any.

Review process

ISNetworld® will do a thorough review of all your documents – the time for review varies depending on the documents being reviewed.  However, if your client is in need of your services immediately your hiring client can call ISNetworld® phone number and ask for your review to be expedited.

First Compliance safety is here for all your ISNetworld® certification needs turnkey or D-I-Y compliance tools. We can provide safety programs, assist with document creation and retrieval. Get in touch if you are needing assistance with your account.