ClickCease First Compliance FAQ - ISNetworld® Compliance

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General Questions

What Documents are Required?

In most any procurement process there are several documents that are commonly requested. Whether you submit directly to your client or to a verification service like PEC Premier, Avetta or ISNetworld®, these documents are usually required prior to beginning work.

The most popular and most important would be the Certificate of Insurance. This is a simple matter of liability so that in the event of a fender bender or a serious injury, your client wants to know that you’ll be covered for any incident. Coverage limits vary from client to client and could also depend on the services or products you provide.

Another Insurance related document that is typically required would be the EMR letter. EMR stands for Experience Modification Rate and is issued by your insurance provider in the form of a letter. Although the formula is quite complicated, the EMR is best explained as an estimate of the risk your company presents based on past injury claims and the safety performance of all companies within your industry. It may help you to understand that an EMR of 1.0 is considered to be an average within your industry, therefore, a rate below 1.0 means that your company represents a ‘below average’ risk.

The last common documents required would be your OSHA 300 logs. Although OSHA regulations only require a company to record injuries if you have 10 or more employees, most verification service will require you to submit them regardless of the amount of employees you have. You will be required to submit the past 3 years of OSHA logs.

Often there may be other documents to submit related to client specific requirements like MSAs or other specific agreements but that varies from client to client.

Why do I need to be approved by a verification service and why do I need to become a member?

When a client chooses to use a verification service to manage and approve their contractors and suppliers, they have typically signed a contractual agreement with that service. That means that anyone performing work, or providing services and products must become a member of that service. It is also important to note that there are usually fees involved with these types of memberships. There are few exceptions but there are exceptions. These exceptions are commonly referred to as Variances. A client may grant a variance in situations where the compliance of strict qualifications may not be necessary.

I am a new company. Can I still become approved?

Absolutely! There are many new companies who join verification services like ISNetworld®, PEC Premier, Avetta and BROWZ. Some are prompted to do so because of a job opportunity and some just because they know that the majority of their potential clients will require it. Typically, a verification service will ask for 3 years of documentation related to OSHA logs and EMR Letters which, of course, as a new company you will not have. Not to worry! Although this may affect your grade a bit, in most cases a passing grade can be still be achieved.

Membership Questions

How much does it cost to be a member of ISNetworld®?

Being a member of ISNetworld® involves a yearly membership fee that is set by ISNetworld®. Their membership is based on the amount of employees your company has had over the last 3 years average. You can go to their website to view the most current membership fees.

Other Memberships:

Memberships to other qualifiers like Avetta, PEC Premier, Veriforce, BROWZ, and any others vary differently. Criteria for membership ranges from how many clients you are working with to flat rates. Please check their websites for the most up to date information.

Do I have to use your services?

No. We are a 3rd party from these organizations and offer services to help you through the process of becoming compliant.

Working With Our Team

How long does it take to get compliant/certified?

Once you have an established membership with ISNetworld®, Avetta, PEC Premier or another service it takes us about 48 hours to get everything submitted. Once this process is done the review times vary between qualifiers. We typically express about 2 weeks review time once everything is submitted. It is a good idea to take this into consideration if you have a deadline to meet.

What are your benefits?

Our services offer turnkey solutions to your compliance needs. We work quickly to get your account up to speed and know these systems inside and out. We can get you compliant and walk you through the whole process on your account(s). We save you time, money, and manpower.