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Complyworks® Certification

What is Complyworks®?

Complyworks® is an online contractor pre-qualification service. If you are a contractor, you probably know about Complyworks® because your hiring client has asked you to become certified. In the process of certification, contractors submit documentation about their company safety history and policies to the Complyworks® team of auditors. Once a contractor passes inspection, they are officially ready to begin working with their client.

After certification, the hiring client can continue to monitor contractor safety procedures through the Complyworks® CMS (or Compliance Management Solution). This is a software that keeps track of employee training, insurance certificates, questionnaires, OSHA logs, and safety programs. Additionally, the CMS offers a database wherein hiring organizations can search for certified contractors, meaning that certified contractors have more opportunities for networking and new clients. If you are a contractor, an annual subscription to Complyworks® is a great way to expand your business while keeping safety as a top priority.

isnetworld_help Steps for Complyworks® Certification

To become certified through Complyworks®, contractors first need to create an online account and pay the annual subscription fee. Complyworks® charges contractors based on their number of employees, ranging from $489 to $3989 per year.

Next, you will need to answer a client questionnaire. This questionnaire is quite long, and it typically contains between 100-200 questions. These questions can be about anything that relates to your company history, including employee injuries, workers’ compensation, and employee training.

Then, Complyworks® will ask you to create and submit customized safety programs based on the needs of your hiring client. These programs are supposed to cover all aspects of the project that you intend to complete for your client after certification. In this section, your client also has the option to request copies of employee training programs, as well as proof that your employees have undergone training.

Lastly, you will be asked to submit your company safety documentation. This includes OSHA logs, your EMR letter, and your company insurance certificate.

After submitting all of the above, you will wait for Complyworks® to review your application. If you pass, you can begin working with your hiring client but you will need to stay on top of your Complyworks® profile. Often, clients ask you for updated information on a quarterly, biannual, or annual basis. Additionally, your client can ask for new safety programs or employee training at any time. It is recommended that you check your Complyworks® profile at least once a week after certification.

How First Compliance Safety Can Help You With Your Complyworks® Certification

If you received a letter from your client asking you to register with Complyworks®, don’t worry! The above paragraphs may seem like a lot of information, but First Compliance Safety is here to help. In fact, we promise to submit your complete Complyworks® application within 48 hours of your request for our services. First, we will create your online account (if you have not already done so). Then, we will complete the client questionnaire with answers that best reflect your company history. Next, we will write and upload all safety programs required by your client. Lastly, we will find and submit all the necessary paperwork. We guarantee to complete this entire process without any help, time, or worry from your end.

At First Compliance Safety, we know that running your business is a lot of work. You don’t need the extra hassle of writing safety programs and hunting down safety documents. By hiring our team of experts, you are free to focus on your company while certification practically takes care of itself. We have years of experience helping contractors like you become certified through Complyworks®, so give us a call today at 866-251-2063 and learn how we can make certification easier for you.