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Cognibox Cost

Cognibox is a well-known company that specializes in overseeing the relationships between hiring organizations and their contractors, suppliers, or vendors. Cognibox is an online auditing service that ensures contractors abide by both standard and client-mandated safety regulations before beginning a contract.

Additionally, Cognibox offers advanced software solutions for employee training verification, client-contractor communications, and risk analysis.

If your hiring client asks you to become verified through Cognibox before beginning a project, please be aware that this service requires an annual subscription fee. The Cognibox pricing is calculated based on your company size. Please note that you only need to register employees who will have access to client worksites.

Number of Employees to Register Annual Cognibox Cost
0 – 2 $780 plus tax
3 – 5 $1,000 plus tax
6 – 20 $1,230 plus tax
21 – 35 $1,690 plus tax
36 – 50 $2,000 plus tax
51 – 75 $2,425 plus tax
76 – 100 $2,850 plus tax
101 – 150 $4,000 plus tax
151 – 200 $5,150 plus tax
201 – 250 $7,150 plus tax
251 – 400 $8,450 plus tax
401 – 600 $10,350 plus tax
601 – 700 $11,050 plus tax
701 – 800 $12,050 plus tax
801 – 900 $12,950 plus tax
901 – 1,000 $14,300 plus tax
1,001 or more To be determined
Cognibox Cost

How First Compliance Safety Can Help You Sign Up With Cognibox

In your Cognibox application, you will need to answer the hundreds of questions within the Cognibox Compliance questionnaire, write industry-specific safety programs, and provide documentation about your company’s safety history. Formatting your application to Cognibox’s specifications can also require a lot of communication and adjustment between you, your hiring client, and the team of Cognibox auditors.

If you want to pass inspection without all of the hassle, our expert team of safety compliance consultants can submit your Cognibox application within 48 hours of your request for our services. We specialize in writing custom safety programs that fit Cognibox specifications, and we understand how to answer the Cognibox questionnaire in a manner that best portrays your company history. Additionally, we will find and format all requisite documentation without any effort from you. With First Compliance Safety, you will be well on your way to certification and working with your new client.