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    Cognibox Certification & Compliance

    We help make the certification process easy, simple, and fast!

    Our process ensures the highest grade possible with your clients on systems like Cognibox! We can help you set up your account or take over an existing account. All services are designed for your company.

    • 48-hour account submission
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    What is Cognibox?

    Cognibox is a contractor pre-qualification service. Similar to ISNetworld®, Cognibox offers a software that helps hiring organizations determine whether or not their contractors follow certain compliance regulations. Additionally, Cognibox audits a contractor’s safety history, therefore showing hiring organizations the past rate of workplace injury or incident in comparison to the industry average. Basically, Cognibox helps clients determine whether or not they should work with a contractor.

    If you are a contractor, you may be asked by a client to become certified through Cognibox before beginning a contract. Certification can be a tricky process, and our team at First Compliance Safety is here to help.

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    Steps for Cognibox Certification

    To become certified through Cognibox, contractors first need to create an online account and pay the annual subscription fee. This fee is dictated by your number of employees, ranging from $780 to $14,300 a year as of 2019.

    Next, you will need to answer a client questionnaire. This questionnaire typically contains hundreds of questions, delving into your company safety procedures, records, employee injuries, workers’ compensation, and employee training.

    Then, you will be asked to create and submit customized safety programs based on the specifications of your hiring client. These programs will cover all aspects of the project that you will perform for your client after certification. Additionally, your client may ask you to write and submit employee training programs in this section.

    Lastly, you will be asked to submit your company documentation, including OSHA logs, your EMR letter, and your company insurance certificate.

    Ready to Get Started?

    How First Compliance Safety Can Help You With Your Cognibox Certification

    If you received a letter from your client asking you to register with Cognibox, don’t worry. First Compliance Safety is here to help. In fact, we promise to submit your Cognibox application within 48 hours of your request for our services. First, we will create your online account if you have not already done so. Then, we will complete the client questionnaire with answers that best reflect your company history. Next, we will write and upload all safety programs required by your client. Lastly, we will find and submit all necessary paperwork without any additional help on your end.

    Running your business is a lot of work. It is even harder when you need to worry about paperwork and industrial compliance regulations. With First Compliance Safety, you can trust that we will handle the entire certification process for you. By hiring our team of experts, you are free to focus on your company while certification practically takes care of itself. We have years of experience helping contractors like you become certified through Cognibox, so give us a call today and see how we can help.

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